About Us


The iMe Movement is a collective of educators, digital experts, counsellors and psychologists actively looking to shed light on behavioural addiction in adolescents - especially in relation to digital exposure.


We founded the “iMe Movement” (an initiative of Because I Said So Life Coaching NPC) with a mission to raise awareness, educate parents and children on various forms of behavioural addictions young people are facing today such as pornography, gaming, social media, eating disorders etc.

Digital Addiction in all its forms does not discriminate and we have experienced the harmful effects of it in our own lives. The iMe Movement wants to see the next generation grow up in a society where people are seen as people and not objects, where REAL LOVE and REAL CONNECTION are possible.  We believe that with enough awareness, education and support we can indeed live connected, yet protected and ultimately live effectively.

In our 10 years working with young people and many years in Advertising and communication we have seen the impact of the digital world on the youth of today and we are answering the call to educate, empower and prepare young people to live effectively in a hyper-connected world.

– US Dept of Justice

“Never before in the history of telecomunications media has so much indecent (and obscene) material been so easily accessable by so many minors in so many homes with so few restrictions” 


Karel Willems
Co-founder, Artist, Digital Marketer, Recovery Group Facilitator
Karel uses art as a medium to teach about the dangers of behavioural addiction.  As a recovered addict himself, he  facilitates recovery groups and has made it his mission to inspire addicts  beyond recovery into finding purpose and also helping others.

Karel is a keynote speaker for iMe and is working on various art projects to get the message across in an impactful way.

Zoe Willems
Co-founder, Communication Strategist, Recovery Group Facilitator
Zoe is an avid researcher and made it her mission to keep parents up to date on the dangers of digital addiction.  She is in the process of launching a parenting platform to help parents raise children effectively within a HYPER-connected world  while enjoying it benefits and minimizing the negatives.

When she is not researching, she runs recovery groups and does various talks on the topic of digital addiction.

Tammy Bruni
Registered Psychological Counsellor(BPsych, ICP) - HPCSA PRC0029793
Tammy does not only counsel individual clients but also runs and facilitates  support groups for depression and anxiety, disordered eating and addiction. She also runs and facilitates various workshops and has a passion for providing parents with skills and information to facilitate parenting.

“My heart is to not only to help people individually through counselling, but to help them relationally as well as helping families thrive and negotiate life challenges successfully”.

Corlia Erwee
Registered Psychological Counsellor(BPsych, ICP) - HPCSA PRC0029807
Corlia’s life story is a testimony of restoration and healing.  Corlia works with the iMe Movement team to walk alongside children, parents and teens to help them realise that their mountains are not that big.  She also believes that we are made up of our past and our present, we are body soul and spirit and we find ourselves in living breathing systems – families, marriages, friendship circles and workplaces. All of these influence our thinking and our believing. This is where a second pair of eyes – that of the counselor – can be so helpful. Counseling is not fixing. Counseling is helping people dig deep into their own set of resources to find their own solutions.




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